Home music room decoration 101

Music rooms can make a home fun and lively because they are delighted in by all, “oldies” and “youngsters”. Whether you are an artist or have one in the family, making space for playing melodic instruments can be a fresh venture to try on. As far decorating, a considerable measure will rely on upon the sorts of instruments you are fond of playing. Perhaps you need to make a sound sealed room for young people to flail wildly in.

On the other hand, perhaps you need to fill the whole home with the sound of a piano. Whatever style of music you like; there are some enriching tips to consider before making your home music room. If decorated well, a music room will blend with whatever is left of your home’s mood and be an attractive spot to get together with loved ones.

Bright and Attractive colours

Transform your home’s music room into a place of fun and excitement by picking bright colours. If you are going for fun colours, you can include everything else in the room, on the dividers, floor, and even the roof. Go for furniture that matches your interior design to complete the whole look. At the point when performers utilise the space to play, they will surely play better making it more enjoyable. If you need a more quiet space, use a similar technique with off-whites or even greys to get a similar impact. Separate the monotone look by using the instruments themselves. An accumulation of divider mounted melodic instruments can resemble a display of valuable work of art.


Home studios are now a trend; beginner performers now record their pieces, without the cost of an expert studio. On the off chance that you need to make a home studio, and also a music space to play in, attempt to make two distinct zones. One will be for a control room, lodging your recording and playback gear, and the other will be a live space to play in. On the off chance that you don’t have a sufficiently vast space for two rooms, utilise a sound baffle or even an overwhelming wrap to make the two territories. If you do have space for a segment, introduce an inward window. Utilise cover to stifle the sound in your live recording room, yet ensure it supplements your solid shading plan.

Multifunctional music room

If you don’t have lots of space, consider utilising a visitor room as a music room. A foldaway bed or a couch bed that can be concealed when you need to play is perfect. This implies you are not confined up when attempting to play and, that when visitors come over, you have not lost the essential utilisation of the room.

If you happen to have a vacant and useless loft, you can convert your loft in Wimbledon and create an even more useful space than just making it a dusty storage room.

Performance area

Home music rooms that serve as a performance area are also becoming a thing nowadays. If you like performing, why not consider a lighting rig to make it cooler? This looks awesome, as well as can indeed help a band practice well. Furthermore, why not make your home an awesome place to share music and talents for your family and neighbours?

5 Music room interior design ideas 2016


Is music your passion? If the answer is yes, I am pretty sure having your very own music room from the comfort of your home will be a dream come true. Imagine having the freedom to do what you love without having the need to travel elsewhere and pay expensive studio fees.

You don’t need to be a celebrity or to be rich to have your own music room, as long as you have an extra space for it and a set budget. Your family and friends can also enjoy it and even spice things up in your home and it can also increase your home value. It doesn’t need to be very costly just as long as you know what you need in your music room.

If you are planning to make use of your empty loft, then transforming it into a music room would be a very good investment. Loft conversions companies like Wandsworth loft conversions can help you with everything that you need in this project.

In this article, we are going to give you some creative designs that will help you in creating your dream music room.

Bohemian Style

Mileece: studio detail with piano

If you are into colourful and unique interior design for your music room, then you should go for bohemian style. Not only will it add colours to the room but it actually intensifies the feel of the music. Good thing about this style is you won’t need a lot of furniture and decorations because with just a single design, it will instantly spice up everything.

Contemporary Black and White


You can never go wrong with black and white. These colours are just so perfect together and it can actually fit any music genre that you are into. It is simple, clean and will make everything in the room seem organised.

If you are also into modern and minimalist designs, you should go with black and white.

Old school


Old school interior design will always be timeless. Modern designs may come and go but old school will last forever.

If you are a big fan of classic rock, country, or any old school music, then this design will surely add more excitement and fun in your music room.

Modern Industrial Design


Industrial interior designs are becoming a trend nowadays. Many homeowners are embracing the raw and unfinished ambience it brings in a room. Industrial designs are being used in contemporary homes, apartments and lofts from all over the world.

Exposed pipes, brick walls and ducts are part of industrial designs.

Rustic modern interior design


If you are into wood and stone designs, this design is for you. This will surely create a unique yet elegant look in your music room bringing in a touch of nature.

Choosing the right design for a music room can be very challenging and confusing knowing there are a lot of design ideas that you can see on the internet. The key to that is know your sense of style and what you want from your music room.

Don’t Judge Another’s Taste in Music

As a music lovers and/or a musician, it is of no doubt that music is a daily part of one’s life. You listen to your favourite songs from day to night, and even dance to their energetic beats. There are times you prefer sad, melodic sounds as well, more so when you are feeling down and having a long day.

Nevertheless, even though music is essentially the universal language, a lot of folks around the world still tend to argue about the choice of tunes a person is inclined to. Of course, humans are different, thus it follows that there are variations when it comes to preferences and taste.


Now, these three that will be pointed out are factors that should not be a basis to judge other people’s liking in music. Let us start off with:

Genre. Listing all genres would be too much but you get the point. By definition, a genre is an expressive style of music and it can vary. There are sweet, pop tracks while there are strong, rock tunes. But as such, some think it does not make sense if you like rock and roll or you go for dance records. In all honesty, there should not be any of this because no genre is ever better than the other, especially to its avid listener.

Language. Another victim of judgment would be the language of the songs. Let us say, the “normal” linguistic communication in your hometown would be English. And with the advent and advancement of technology, anyone can now be able to have access to the Internet and be able to come across new works from even the other side of the globe. Fascination can come for lots of folks and they will continue to follow the industry if they do so want. But then again, people judge at why one would be inclined to music in a different language.

Meaning. Tunes have distinct and diverse meanings behind them. Some are the simple, “what you hear is what you get” types, while others have deeper implications. A lot of tracks are senseless and without thought as well. But individuals do find the latter, for example, fun and endearing. And so, it does not mean you can use it against them, more so when talking of intellect and all that.

Other than these, one to be discussed is mainstream and indie music. In essence, they are both musical activities but the first one is deemed more popular and well known. It is considered accepted. And that is why when one knows another person is into indie music, also known as unpopular music, they would go roll their eyes and turn away. This behaviour is just intolerable, especially for those who suffer such judgment.

Once more, music should be used to bring enjoyment and happiness. For many, it is even a source of comfort and solitude. Therefore, you should respect other people’s choice in the songs they listen to. Why should you meddle if someone prefers a genre that is unlike that of yours?

Music have different effects to folks. It could liven up their mood, it could cause them to be more creative, it could reduce their stress – these levels should be recognised, without regard of the form and the kind of music they have in their music players.

Speaking of, an aspect that should not be convicted as well would be how an individual takes delight in his or her music. There are a number who would want to blast their speakers with their playlists while several would want to keep to themselves with their ear or headphones.

On top of that, technology is part of the “issue”. A lot of people do not like to be seen behind trends and so, they avail high technology like that of smartphones that can already showcase and store music albums. That is good but when they direct criticism and fun to those who favour to stick to Walkmans and other vintage players, that is not so good anymore.

The bottom line is, music is produced by many artists around the world and each song is worked hard on. Time, effort and money are expended for every single and album that is then made available for everyone. And so, you should just savour the minutes of musical bliss that can come with the sounds you like. Do not mind other people’s opinion upon your taste and do not inflict judgment as well. Leave music to function as a powerful tool of happiness.

Do You Have a Radio Or Listen To Music in the Kitchen?

Most people, if not all, are music lovers. Whatever genre it may be – pop, rock, metal, classical, acoustic and many others – music is just vital in our everyday lives. Now, for those who love to cook and whip up their own dishes, having some tunes to listen to can definitely change your prospective on the activity.

Let us dig deeper on how music can be beneficial while cooking.


Music sets the mood. Whether you are alone in your kitchen or not, a radio or a stereo blasting your favorite jam can make the atmosphere feel relaxed and/or energetic. The dicing, slicing and all will not feel such chores because you get to be calm and collected, all in all.

Music gives motivation. A song, either fast or slow, can give you the drive to do what you are doing, which for this instance is cooking. Doing the task will be easier and even faster because of the stimulation that music brings.

Music reduces stress. If you just got home from a long day at work but you still have to make your own meal, turning on the radio or playing your phone music player can help soak away the tiredness and fatigue. With this, you can prepare food at the pace you want, with no pressure whatsoever.

Music enhances creativity. Culinary is an art in itself and if you have music to listen to, it can help you produce a better looking and tastier dish, especially if it is in mid volume or in a level that is comfortable and not too noisy for you.

Music promotes focus. This can be more classical music but it can apply to other genres too. In essence, it directs your attention to your present activity, which then results to you working fast and efficient.

Music keeps you awake. You may still be sleepy when cooking at an early time for breakfast but with music blasting on the speakers, for sure all your senses will be aroused. You will be able to wake up, do your thing and feed yourself and your family.

Cooking and listening to music are both forms of therapy and being able to enjoy them together is such a wondrous experience. You get to fulfill your passions inside the kitchen with much serenity and life.

And speaking of the kitchen, being able to whip your favorite dishes will be all the better with a beautiful and functional one. Milfords Kitchens Ipswich is a company that you can trust that will provide you with the design and installation of your very own.

You can go modern or traditional or perhaps a different style that you like. It is important to note that you should also go for a kitchen that is of utmost comfort. For your musical purposes, there are furniture pieces that already have appliances and electronics such as radios installed in them. This will make the playing and the access of music quicker and easier for you.


Music Uses: Effects of Music on Mood

Music is something that human beings have enjoyed since its discovery by Indians.  For centuries now, the music industry has reinvented and revived music from the past. Indeed, every human being is capable of appreciating music from the moment they were born. From the first lullaby of your mother to the songs that your brother listened to, you begin to appreciate music and affect you depending on its genre and type.

True, all people are affected by music, but the way it affects the individual is entirely dependent on personality and memories that is brought out relative to the song or music.

Music  for Relaxation.  Many people are now using music in adjunct with other relaxation techniques. Together with music, candles and warm bath provide soothing effects of tired muscles, anxiety and stress from work.

Music for celebration. Whether it be the Holidays, some birthday, wedding, religious or virtually any celebration in life needs music. You and your friends may celebrate your promotion by going to disco club. It won’t be a disco club without loud music and some dancing – and you know there can’t be any dancing without music.

Music for growing up children. TV shows for children, especially those that are oriented towards teaching children the basic letters will not be as attractive if there won’t be any music to add color. The music helps the children retain the lesson. By hearing a particular music relative to the lesson, they can easily remember by associating the lesson with the music.

Music for advertisement. Like color, music is now an integral part of commercials and advertisements. The advertisement for Coca Cola every Holidays won’t be as catchy without the background music playing along with the video. It would be a boring one if you see a video without any sound.

Music for exercise. The exercise is made livelier and energized by the presence of an accompanying music. The participants are more agile and can remember the steps more easily if the exercise is associated with that song.

Music to pass away the time. Remember the times that you would need to be put on hold by the operator or any person you’re talking to? If there would be no music at the end of the line, you would be wondering what is happening and you would most probably keep on looking at your watch. With the songs playing in your iPad, you can easily pass away the time as you enjoy each songs played. You won’t be bored, especially if you have to wait for a long period of time.

Music to bring back memories. Let’s face it. Once of the most important use of music is its ability to bring back memories of your past. When you hear a particular song played on the radio, you automatically remember a person or an event wherein that song was playing during that time.

Can you imagine life without music? When your neighbor is playing that loud music over and over again, most probably, he’s trying to forget or remember something associated with that song.