music that can hurt your earWhen do you know that music is bad for you? Is there an instance that it is bad for a person? Music per se is not bad for a person. Music was discovered in search of leisure and relaxation. It starts to be bad when the volume is too high for your ears. Loud music can cause temporary or permanent ear damage. You may get an ear infection from excessive use of your earphones and you can get hearing loss. Here are tips on what to do to prevent hurting your ear:

Use foams for your earphones or headset. The foam will muffle the sound. It will also help to prevent ear infection, especially if other people use your earphones.

Stay away from the speaker. When in clubs, expect the music to be loud. Thus, do not stay near the speakers so as not to hurt your ear.  Go to a quiet place after some time.  There’s no rule that you have to stay inside the bar for the whole duration of your night out. Do go out and take some time off from the music so as to rest your ear.

Avoid drinking too much when you are in a bar. When you get drunk, you are not aware of how much loud music your ear is trying to bear. So it is best to drink in moderation, not only for your ear, but for your overall health as well.

Do the above mentioned precautions when you are at a concert. Concerts will have naturally loud music. Again, stay away from the speakers. If there are people shouting beside your ear, try to stay away from him. Take note that rolled up table napkins cannot muffle the sound that you hear and will not do any good. Make sure that you rest your ear for 24 hours after you went to a concert or get home from a night of clubbing.

When you are listening with your iPad, make sure that you can still hear a person when he or she speaks to you. This is not just to prevent your ear, it also helps to avoid any accidents on the road, especially if you are walking and crossing the streets.

When you have to should for another person to hear you, then the music is too loud. When the other person can hear the music coming out from your earphones, then be aware that you are subjecting your phone to too much loud sound. Be reminded, too, that after an hour of listening to music using your earphones, the risk of ear infection is most likely if continue to do so.

Consult the doctor. When you feel that there is pain in your ear that doesn’t go away, then it may be that you have hurt your ear from excessively loud music.  When you perceive men’s voices more clear than women’s voices, you should also consult an ear specialist just to be sure.  Throbbing ear and headache are also signs that you should not ignore.


musicMusic is something that human beings have enjoyed since its discovery by Indians.  For centuries now, the music industry has reinvented and revived music from the past. Indeed, every human being is capable of appreciating music from the moment they were born. From the first lullaby of your mother to the songs that your brother listened to, you begin to appreciate music and affect you depending on its genre and type.

True, all people are affected by music, but the way it affects the individual is entirely dependent on personality and memories that is brought out relative to the song or music.

Music  for Relaxation.  Many people are now using music in adjunct with other relaxation techniques. Together with music, candles and warm bath provide soothing effects of tired muscles, anxiety and stress from work.

Music for celebration. Whether it be the Holidays, some birthday, wedding, religious or virtually any celebration in life needs music. You and your friends may celebrate your promotion by going to disco club. It won’t be a disco club without loud music and some dancing – and you know there can’t be any dancing without music.

Music for growing up children. TV shows for children, especially those that are oriented towards teaching children the basic letters will not be as attractive if there won’t be any music to add color. The music helps the children retain the lesson. By hearing a particular music relative to the lesson, they can easily remember by associating the lesson with the music.

Music for advertisement. Like color, music is now an integral part of commercials and advertisements. The advertisement for Coca Cola every Holidays won’t be as catchy without the background music playing along with the video. It would be a boring one if you see a video without any sound.

Music for exercise. The exercise is made livelier and energized by the presence of an accompanying music. The participants are more agile and can remember the steps more easily if the exercise is associated with that song.

Music to pass away the time. Remember the times that you would need to be put on hold by the operator or any person you’re talking to? If there would be no music at the end of the line, you would be wondering what is happening and you would most probably keep on looking at your watch. With the songs playing in your iPad, you can easily pass away the time as you enjoy each songs played. You won’t be bored, especially if you have to wait for a long period of time.

Music to bring back memories. Let’s face it. Once of the most important use of music is its ability to bring back memories of your past. When you hear a particular song played on the radio, you automatically remember a person or an event wherein that song was playing during that time.

Can you imagine life without music? When your neighbor is playing that loud music over and over again, most probably, he’s trying to forget or remember something associated with that song.


wedding danceWeddings are life-changing event. It’s one of the major changes that one chooses to experience in life. As such, you’d want this special day to be full of good memories and you will naturally try to capture it on film and photos. One of the factors that help to set the mood of the wedding is the music. Thus, it is vital that among the important things that you take time to sit down and decide, music should be one of those. So, how do you decide on what’s right for your wedding?

One good thing with the music industry is that, you won’t run out of songs to play. However, you may get overwhelmed with so many choices. What you can do is enumerate the major flow of your wedding program. Then decide on what songs or type of music to play with it. Actually, when you hire people from Scott-Wood Photography, you can ask them for help in picking the right music. Here are some pointers to help you decide:

Entourage March.  Depending on how long your entourage is, you can choose a couple of love songs that you and your groom like. The music’s role in this portion is to dim the noise with people lining up for the entourage and set the mood of the audience.

Bridal March. This is one of the highlights of the wedding ceremony. Though classically, a piano version of the “Wedding March” would be nice, you will not break any rules if you want to walk down the aisle with a different song – one that is special and hold meaning  to the couple.

Exchange of vows. If you have a wedding where a couple of minutes is allocated for a free flowing exchange of promises and vows, this will also require a background music. This is also one of the highlights of the wedding and setting the mood with background music will bring out all the emotions, not only by the bride and groom but the audience as well.

Photo Shoot at the Wedding Venue after the Ceremony. Like the Entourage March, music during this time will be needed to pacify the audience and patiently wait for their turn at the altar with the bride and groom. Some families will maintain the custom of having a photo shoot at the church so you should be ready with a couple of songs for this part. It doesn’t have to be something that is meaningful, but choose something that is relaxing.

Wedding Reception. Most of the time, this is where most of the photos are taken. During the program, wedding photographer Buckinghamshire will catch different moods of your guests, especially when it’s time for the bride and groom to listen to the messages of the well wishers.

Dance of the Couple and Parents. Of course, this will also require some music. This is the time that you will a bit of research. Favorite songs of your parents, the bride and the groom as well as your in-laws can be played alternately with each dance. Music will bring back good old memories as well as set the scene for new good ones.